Safety Training Assessment for:

  • • Staff
  • • Students
  • • Volunteers
  • • Leadership
  • • Response teams


  • 1. Living with Earthquakes
  • 2. First Aid, CPR & AED
  • 3. Basic Life Support
  • 4. Fire, Life Safety
  • 5. Workplace Violence
  • 6. Building Emergency Teams
  • 7. What to do Until Help Arrive
  • 8. Bloodborne, Airborne Pathogens

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BEST Training

Are YOU prepared?

Erroll Najee is a former Executive Director for the American Red Cross. He is the founder of BEST, and has been conducting safety training and providing for sale the best quality and thought-out emergency kits for over 25 years. He is available for professional safety training and advising throughout the greater SF Bay Area.

Erroll’s knowledge and passion is in teaching safety, and in providing superior products for unexpected, even catastrophic events or circumstances. He was the former Manager for the Community Education Disaster Program for the San Francisco Bay Area and is a safety consultant for companies including Kaiser Permanente, Northern California Regional Building Operation, Alameda County Department of Correction and Alameda County In-Home Support Services.

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