Cheap Survival Kits to Affordable Quality Emergency Preparedness Kits

Whether you’re at home, in school, or traveling in a car (or any other situation), surviving an accident, dangerous event or catastrophic act of nature means you must be absolutely prepared. Earthquake kits for those living in earthquake zones in California and across the country should be on your must-have list. Similarly, be prepared with handy, easily stored kits for floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and more. Smart emergency preparation or preparedness includes a proper, top quality emergency preparedness kit. There are many kinds and qualities of these kits, and we feature all of them in our product choices below. Our BEST founder and CEO, Errol Najee, has selected these kits based on his 25 years experience as an American Red Cross executive director and other emergency/disaster management positions. They come in packs, backpacks, buckets and rolling duffels. Whether you’re buying for yourself, your family, workplace, business or institution, you need the highest quality and always reliable (you can count on it) emergency survival kit anywhere you’re at risk. Which, of course, includes your home and car(s) as the basic must-haves. That’s why we present for your ease of purchasing a number of kits that are specifically designed for home and car. They’re stored in the car trunk where they’re easy to get to, or in a storage area in the home that’s easily and quickly accessed.

Our emergency kits fulfill the most recommended lists of supplies to have on hand when survival is paramount. We serve the greater San Francisco (SF) Bay Area (counties, cities and agencies) and all states in the US, from Hawaii to Maine. Enjoy your preparedness shopping, and please be safe. 

Fanny Pack Kit (16 Piece) BEST610


$29.32   $25.50

One Day Fanny Pack Kit (12 Piece) BEST611


$19.89   $17.30

Ready To Roll (155 Pieces) BEST612


$417.45   $363.00

Deluxe Office Emergency Kit on Wheels (10 Person) BEST613


$417.45   $363.00

Roll And Go Survival Kit (1 Person) BEST614


$124.20   $108.00

Economy Emergency Backpack Kit (1 Person) BEST615


$45.42   $39.50

Economy Emergency Backpack (2 Person) BEST617


$53.47   $46.38

Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit (2 Person) BEST618


$84.81   $73.75

Economy Emergency Back Kit (4 Person) BEST619


$60.08   $52.25

Deluxe Emergency Backpack (4 Person Kit) BEST620


$106.08   $92.25

Urban Road Warrior (23 Pieces) BEST621


$85.90   $74.70

Economy Commuter Kit (10 piece) BEST650


$21.27   $18.50

Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit (1 Person Kit) BEST651


$74.75   $65.00

Deluxe Emergency Honey Bucket Kit (4 Person Kit) BEST652


$126.50   $110.00

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