BEST offers a broad array of consulting services, providing you with our extensive expertise to address your safety and emergency preparedness needs.

Assessments & Strategic Planning

BEST can lead or guide an assessment of your organization’s safety and emergency preparedness. We specialize in working with you to design, refine or update a strategy and implementation plan that addresses the safety needs of your staff, records and property.

Onboarding & Coaching Safety Leaders

BEST provides effective onboarding for newly appointed safety leaders and ongoing coaching to ensure safety leaders are effectively managing needs and have access to current regulatory requirements.

Consulting Services

BEST offers services for your company’s safety development needs including:

  • Communications: Newsletters and announcements
  • Training: Design and deliver customized content
  • Assessments: Building walk-through assessments and evaluation
  • Mandatory Drills: Assessment and evaluation of drill performance
  • Building Safety & Emergency Supplies: Recommend, install and monitor building safety and emergency supplies
  • Fire Life Safety Manual: Develop and design fire, life safety manuals

BEST Consulting Service Package

  • Phone consultation
  • Building Safety evaluation
  • Training material evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Safety Training curriculum development
  • Newsletters, announcements and updates
  • Updates on regulatory changes
  • Evaluate and recommend first aid ad emergency supplies

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