About Us

Our Mission

We provide exceptional consulting, training and maintenance services in all areas of safety and emergency preparedness to private and public organizations throughout Northern California. We ensure that your safety leaders are prepared and that your organizational is compliant within current county, state and federal regulatory requirements.

Our Company

BEST was founded in 1996 by Erroll Najee with a focus on providing safety training to public and private organizations. Erroll has expanded our services to include consulting, maintenance and supplies, offering a full-service platform for our clients.

We understand the critical role safety training and emergency preparedness plays on a day-to-day basis as well as in emergency situations. We are uniquely qualified, with expertise spanning all areas of safety, emergency preparedness, and supplies.

BEST is certified as a Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB) and is a local, minority-owned business.

Our Team

Erroll leads the BEST team. As former Executive Director for the American Red Cross and Manager for Community Education Disaster Program for the San Francisco Bay Area, has depth and breadth of knowledge to meet your safety and emergency preparedness needs. Erroll has been a consulting partner to Kaiser Permanente Northern California Regional Building Operations, Alameda County Department of Corrections, and Alameda County In-Home Support Services. Erroll maintains a network qualified professionals to meet your needs.

Why Organizations Committed to Safety Chose BEST

  • Proven expertise in designing and delivering competency-based, up-to-date safety training.
  • A track record of delivering highly effective learning strategies in both public and private sectors.
  • Highly qualified consultants certified to deliver safety and emergency preparedness training.
  • Best-in-class facilitators whose experience spans every level (entry-, mid-, and senior level leaders).
  • An unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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